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Your Pathway to a healthier life

If you have decided that you want to consider weight loss or bariatric surgery, you can see your General Practitioner and ask for a referral to Mr Mark Grant at Southern Weight Loss & Laparoscopy.

The referral should also include your weight and height measurements.  Once the referral is received an information booklet on Bariatric surgery with be sent to you.  An extensive health questionnaire will also be sent to help streamline your initial consultation.

The initial consultation with your surgeon.

This will cover an assessment of your general health, specifically looking at any co-morbidities relating to your weight.

He will outline the different bariatric procedures performed at Southern Weight Loss & Laparoscopy. The risks and benefits of each one. He will answer any questions you have about weight loss surgery and which ones may be appropriate for you. He may need to organise further investigations to aid us assess your fitness for bariatric surgery.

You will need to see our dietitian, this can take place before you see our surgeon.

We recommend a minimum of 2 appointments with Helen.

  • These will help her identify any reasons you overeat. She will discuss what work is needed to achieve a healthy diet prior to Bariatric surgery. It will allow you time to reflect and to problem solve with Helen on areas you might have challenging.
  • Your pre-surgical preparation session, will cover two areas of work. It is informed by the information collected in the previous appointments.
  • You will receive an individualised plan for the meal replacements needed in the lead up to Bariatric surgery
  • She will also outline what you will need to do in the 6 weeks following bariatric surgery. Helen will give you access to resources on pureed and soft meals. To help you transition back to eating normal food. You will be given  an individualised daily protein target to eat after weight loss surgery.

We strongly encourage you to ask questions about bariatric surgery and we will endeavour to ensure these questions are answered both clearly  and honestly.

During this process we will expect you to also either continue working with your psychotherapist.  This will help address common barriers that may prevent you having a successful outcome from Bariatric surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery is Just the Beginning

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