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Implications of Obesity

Obesity is considered to be one of the leading preventable causes of death throughout the world. However, anyone who has struggled with obesity understands that the effects are both physical and emotional.

So, our goal at Southern Weight loss and laparoscopy is to help you develop a healthier life both physically and emotionally.

Medical Complications of Obesity

There is a strong correlation between a high BMI and an increased level premature mortality secondary to a number of medical conditions related to obesity.

Emotional effects

Excess weight can interfere with both social and personal relationships causing further emotional distress and isolation. Worryingly social discrimination against individuals suffering from obesity is still very common, as are unconscious biases amongst medical professionals. With this social stigma obese individuals may feel less attractive and have poor self-esteem. All of which may contribute to the reported increase levels of depression and anxiety amongst people suffering from obesity.

It is Important to remember that no two people are alike, and as a consequence people will have different experiences after surgery. So, everyone one needs the right aftercare package for them to empower them to learn how to work with their chosen procedure.

Benefits of weight loss

Even a 5-10% reduction in weight can lead to a decrease in the risk of developing diabetes, and a reduction in obesity related cancers. It also results in a decrease in mortality. For many, the benefits seen are intangible, including:

  • Not being controlled by food anymore
  • Improved energy
  • Being more active
  • Being able to play with their children/grand children
  • Improved self-confidence and esteem
  • No longer having difficulties fitting plane/bus in the seats
  • No longer feeling stared judged by others
  • Having more freedom to do what they want to do

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