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What causes obesity?

At Southern Weight loss and laparoscopy, we know that it is not your fault. Contrary to the commonly held beliefs carrying excess weight is not due to a lack of will power and being lazy. It is a metabolic disorder.

Obesity results from a combination of factors including:

  • Genetics,
  • Emotional/Psychological trauma,
  • Behavioural, Physiological, and Metabolic factors
  • Environmental and Sociocultural influences,
  • Poor dietary habits.

In fact, excessive food intake plays a small role the obese person’s dilemma. A more important factor may the efficient storage of calories as fat. Differences between obese and non-obese individuals in regard to heat production and energy expenditure have been documented.
Studies have shown that:
• For weight maintenance an ex-obese person requires 25% fewer calories than a person of the same age and weight who has never been obese.
• For all levels of activity, an ex-obese required 15% less energy than a non-obese person.

Decreasing physical activity may also contribute to continuous weight gain.

Since multiple members of a family may become obese, this pattern of food processing by the body may have a genetic basis.
In New Zealand at least 31% of the adult population is considered obese, and at least an additional 35% are considered overweight.

For many people suffering with obesity diet and weight control programs have proven unsuccessful time and time again. Often, the frustration of repeated failed attempts at weight loss can result in even further weight gain. At Southern weight loss and Laparoscopy, we aim help you to finally break this cycle, and regain control of your weight and your life.

Weight Loss Surgery is Just the Beginning

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